Call for contributions: “Spatial Perspectives on Transport”


Last year at the end of November I’ve published internet a call for contributions to a special session on transport modelling at the GI-Forum conference internet. Back then, we were not sure about the resonance and to be honest, my expectations were not too high. All the more I was surprised by the quality of contributions (the papers are published as Open Access internet) and the number of participants in the special session.

Because of this year’s positive experiences and feedbacks, we are going to push the topic further and call for contributions for next year’s conference:

Transport systems are spatial by their very nature. They rely on physical infrastructure, they connect locations and they facilitate the mobility of goods and people. However, the spatial dimension is not always considered explicitly in research and application. We think that concepts and tools rooting in geography and GIS have a lot to offer to better understand transport systems at various spatial and temporal scale levels and to foster holistic approaches!
At the GI-Forum conference 2015 a number of emerging fields of research was identified (see here internet for some details). For the 2016 conference we aim to carry these aspects forward and thus invite researchers and practitioners to elaborate on the following or related topics:

  1. Data
    Requirements, characteristics, quality, availability and accessibility of (spatial) data for research and application in the field of transport systems.
  2. Models
    Conceptual approaches and paradigms of transport modelling, spatial and temporal levels of scale and aggregation, validation frameworks and methods.
  3. Visualizations
    The role and design of (geo-) visualizations for the exploration, interaction and communication of transport system data, models and analysis results.

Contributions can either be submitted as full paper, extended abstract or poster. Any contribution needs to be submitted via the conference submission website internet and will be object to the double-blind, peer-review process. Authors of accepted full papers are going to be invited to present and discuss their paper (15’+5’) in the special session. Authors of extended abstracts and posters are going to be invited for an elevator pitch (5’). Full papers and extended abstracts will be published in the GI-Forum journal (Open Access).

We are really looking forward to your contributions and to the session opening. Prof. Harvey Miller internet (Ohio State University) will provide a broad overview of the intersection and relation of transport research and GIScience in his session keynote.

If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to get in contact! All information concerning the conference can be found on the website internet.


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