About me

loidl_redMy name is Martin, but this blog is not about me. There would be a lot of things to tell about my family, my personal interests, my favourite books, my faith etc. But for these areas of life I prefer personal relationships and real-world communication!

I’m writing this blog as a bicyclist who works at the University of Salzburg as a researcher and lecturer. Or, to put it the other way round, this blog is written by a researcher and lecturer who loves cycling. Anyway, I’ve the privilege to do my research in a very applied field. A field, which I’m part of. I know, a researcher should seek to keep distance to his or her object of research in order to be something like objective. But in this case my passion for the object motivates and stimulates me to ask questions and to work hard to find some answers. And believe me, if you go to work by bicycle every day – all year round – plenty of questions arise!

My academic background is in Geography. I graduated from the University of Salzburg with Master’s degrees in Applied Geoinformatics and in Landscape, Regional and Urban Planning. In March 2017 I’ve finished internet my doctoral studies in Applied Geoinformatics with a thesis internet on “Spatial Information and Bicycling Safety”. The papers, which form the core of the thesis, are reference in the publications internet section.

Part of my position at university is funded by externally funded research projects. The rest comes from a really nice job as lecturer for the postgraduate study program internet UNIGIS (this is the German version). Both, research and UNIGIS, have their home at the department of geoinformatics, internet Z_GIS – you should check the website, there is plenty of interesting stuff to find.
If you are interested in more details please refer to my personal internet website or internet LinkedIn. Information on my research group and current projects can be found on the GI Mobility Lab website internet.